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Manchester City manager donates €1MILLION to fight coronavirus in Barcelona by Jessy Samuel Ejah

Pep Guardiola has donated €1million (£900,000) in the fight against coronavirus in Barcelona.

The Manchester City manager has earmarked the money, sent to the Angel Soler Daniel Foundation, to be spent on purchasing medical equipment.

The fund is named after a doctor from Santpedor - the town Guardiola hails from - who passed away in the 1970s.

Guardiola made the pledge on Tuesday following an appeal over the weekend.

The foundation had raised just over €33,000 after the initial plea and Guardiola's personal contribution has rocketed their resources.

Spain is on a nationwide lockdown, declaring a state of emergency on Saturday - two days before the United Kingdom announced stricter guidelines.

The coronavirus death toll in Spain jumped by 514 in a single day, as the situation in the country quickly worsens.

Source: Daily Mail

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