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Number of wounded in Beruit Blast Rises to 6000 by Raphael Bichene

The estimated number of people wounded in the monster explosion at Beirut’s port has shot up to 6,000, the health ministry said Saturday in a statement.

The death toll rose to 158 and the number of missing dropped to 21 from 60 in the latest ministry figures.

The authorities had previously put the number of people wounded in Tuesday’s blast at 5,000, stressing that at least 120 of them were considered to be in critical condition.

Thousands protest

Several thousand protesters gathered in central Beirut on Saturday to vent their anger at a political elite they blame for a deadly explosion that turned the city into a disaster zone.

The large crowd of demonstrators, some of them brandishing nooses, called for revenge as a large deployment of security forces tried to contain some groups seeking to advance towards parliament, AFP correspondents reported.

Source: AFP

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